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Posted by Danny on 3/25/2014
Hey guys, I have been super busy on so many projects that I haven't been modding much. I was able to get some modding done yesterday after a good garage cleanup. I saw this in another X (I thing Metz's X) and needed it! I am now carrying these lights on my new webstore and they are available right now on sale! I was getting really tired of backing up at night and not being able to see anything so I wanted to hook something up that would blast when i kicked it into reverse. The install was extremely easy!! I will give a short how to here but its a no brainer! 

Step 1, Pull off both rear plastic corners. 

Step 2. Measure lights and cut holes. 

Step 3: stuff lights into holes.(Make it a tight fit!) 

Step 4' crew in with screws. 

Step 5; Wire ground and power to existing back up light harness. 

Step 6: Step back and enjoy!