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How To: Install Molle Panels

Posted by Danny on 3/27/2014
Hey guys, just got my first set of the new molle Window covers and they are awsome! Thought I would shoot up a quick how to so you guys can get an idea. 
This mounting option is only one option for mounting. The other option is using self tapping screws to secure bottom molle cover brackets to plastic. 

Remove rear plastic recover by prying out plastic clips. 

Remove screw

Set molle cover on upper garment hook, install brackets and Mark holes. 

Pull back plastic trim and drill holes. 

Install lower mounts. With bolts and washers on both sides. 

Reinstall cover. 

After install of brackets bolt the Molle Window cover on.
After installing with garment cover hook facing window I changed my mind and decided it worked better with garment hook facing inside. Its simple to just unscrew the small screw for the garment cover and flip it 180 degrees. 

Also note... It is whaaaaaay easier to install molle bags to the cover before you mount it.... Lesson learned! 

I have some tweaking to do and I want to get some molle bags with purpose but these are some I had and I really like the options these provide for rear storage! 

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